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Bring the delicious taste and richness of the Lebanese cuisine to your home. Enjoy 100+ of the finest Lebanese recipes and experience the flavor of the Middle-East.

The huge variety of dishes includes among others traditional salads, starters, meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes as well as famous desserts. It will allow you to prepare typical Lebanese menus and surprise your family and friends.

All recipes are decorated with high quality pictures to give you an upfront idea of what you are just about to cook.

Browse recipes by key categories, names and photos...

Enjoy 100+ detailed recipes with high quality photos and nutrition facts...

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Wow! Finally! An app I was waiting for to make all my favorite Lebanese dishes! There are great, simple and easy to follow step by step directions how to make everything Lebanese - from the classics to the sophisticated culinary delights. The pictures are beautiful and inspirational! Bon appetit!

100 Lebanese Recipes

Yana Z.

United States

This app is amazing used it to cook food for Iftar at my Arab inlaws house and they were so impressed food was sooo tasty and recipes are so easy to follow (Big Thumbs Up) please add more recipes or make some kind of page so everyone can share their own recipes that would be awesome.. :D 10/10 

100 Lebanese Recipes


United Kingdom

Great app with a huge collection of recipes! Tried already a couple of them :-) Nice memories from my childhood!! Give it a try, you'll love it! 

100 Lebanese Recipes

Samir F.

United States

Very well organized, easy to use and with very nice pictures, this app really makes you want to wear an apron and start cooking some good Lebanese food!! Bon appetit!

100 Lebanese Recipes

Sam K.


More than 100 Recipes from Lebanon!

Recipes collection include Ahweh, Ahweh Baida, Ajeen, Arayes Kafta, Ardichowke bi Lahme, Arnabeet Mekli, Awamat, Ayran, Baklawa, Barazek, Batata bil Kizbara, Bathinjan Mekli, Bathinjan Moutabal, Bazella w Riz, Bemieh bi Zayt, Bouza bi Haleeb, Burghul Banadoura, Daoud Bacha, Falafel, Farrouj Meshwi, Fassolia bi Riz, Fatayer bi Sabanikh, Fattet Bathinjan, Fattet Hommos, Fattoush, Foul Medammas, Halawa, Hindbeh bil Zayt, Hommos, Hommos Balila, Jawaneh, Jellab, Kafta bil Sanieh, Kafta Mekli, Kafta Meshwi, Kashta, Kebbe Akras, Kebbe bi Laban, Kebbe bil Sanieh, Kebbe Nayye, Kellage, Kharuf Mehshi, Khibbiz Arabi, Khyar bi Laban, Knefeh, Koussa Mehshi, Laban Matboukh, Laban Omou, Labneh, Lahm bi Ajeen, Limonada, Loubya bi Zayt, Maakarona bi Laban, Maakroun, Maamoul bi Fistok, Maamoul bi Jowz, Maamoul bi Tamer, Macaroni bil Sanieh, Makhlouta, Malfouf Mehshi, Manakish Jibne, Manakish Zaatar, Meghli, Mjaddara, Moudardara, Mouhalabieh, Mouhamara, Moussaka, Namoura, Nikhaat, Pizza bil Halloumi, Qatr, Riz a Djej, Riz bi Haleeb, Riz bi Shaariyeh, Rkakat Jibne, Sahlab, Salatat Banadoura, Salatat Batata, Salatat Hommos, Salatat Zaatar Akhdar, Samak bi Tahini, Samak Meshwi, Sambousek Jibne, Sambousek Lahme, Samke Harra, Sfiha, Sfouf, Shanklish, Sharab el Tout, Sharab el Wared, Shawarma Djej, Shawarma Lahme, Shish Barak, Shish Kabab, Shish Taouk, Simsmiyeh, Siyadiyeh, Tabbouleh, Tahini, Taratour, Toum, Warak Enab, Yakhnet Batata, Yakhnet Sabanikh...

Sahten! Bon Appetit!

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About the Lebanese Cuisine

Cuisine from the Middle East is known worldwide for its richness and goodness. In Lebanon, it is probably the best country to enjoy it, since it is believed that one thing that unites all Lebanese is the love of eating...

Lebanese food is typically Mediterranean. The average meal is high on vegetables, low on meat and big on flavor. A meal usually starts with a mezze, a selection of small portions of dips, pickles, salads and nibbles eaten with the Arabic bread called Khibbiz. Mezze items can include anything from starters to pastries. Salads include Fattoush and Tabbouleh. The main course is generally grilled meat, chicken or fish, eaten with bread or spiced rice and the leftovers of the mezze. In fact, the mezze are appetizers that can make a whole meal out of them.

Meals are generally accompanied by wine or arak, a powerful Lebanese aniseed liquor. Lebanon is rich with grapes that are high in sugar content and perfect for wine production thanks to the natural climate of the Bekaa valley. There are several wine producers: Ksara, Kefraya, Chateau Musar, Chateau Marsyas and Massaya. Desserts include many different variations of sweets such as Baklawa, Knefeh, Maamoul... as well as a lot of fruits.

At the end of the meals, Ahweh, black coffee, is generally offered. It is served Turkish style, that means extra strong with grounds at the bottom of the cup, and hot tea is also a popular drink.

Sahten! Bon Appetit!

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